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Wood Fencing Massachusetts

by Alan Bates

You see a lot of different types of wood fence in the Boston area. Plain old cedar privacy fence is seen a lot in the suburbs; however, as you get into the city itself, you start to come across smaller yards and more distinct architecture so that a smorgasbord of different fence designs becomes the rule, not the exception. In Boston proper you don't see quite as many fences as in some other cities; Boston is the third smallest major city in the terms of square miles, but the fifth highest in population density. However, the classic, timeless look which only wood fence can give is ideal for a city with so much history that it practically comes out of the faucets!

Massachusetts Wood Fence Styles

If you're looking to put up wood fence on your property, the first thing to do is to decide on a fence design which suits your property and of course, your home. While in the suburbs there are few limits to the type of wood fence you choose from 6' cedar privacy fencing or the more popular stockade picket fence, almost anything goes! Newer homes usually will be accompanied by modern style privacy fences, but stockade fencing is more appropriate for the colonial homes which may be centuries old, as well as the newer homes which adopt this look.

In the city proper, the choice of fencing is more of a matter of the homeowner's preference. The front yards in the brownstones common in the city will often have short picket fences to create a barrier between homes, but not change the tight knit feeling of community that is the hallmark of Boston's neighborhoods. Backyard Boston wood fencing, however can be of the short picket fence style common in front of homes to a the tall, basketweave privacy fences which can make a backyard a private oasis even in the most population dense urban areas.

Boston Wood Fencing Costs and Timelines

Based on the information we gather from homeowners who use our service to find and hire Boston wood fence contractors, we can give you a pretty close estimate of how much you can expect to pay if you hire someone to build a wood fence for you. Most of the wood fence installations performed in the Boston area by a contractor working with us ran between $1,000 and $4,000 with $2,500 being the average cost including materials and labor.

The time involved was an average of two weeks (pretty good), with four weeks being the slowest and eight days the fastest. The longer a job lasted, the more expensive the installation was; just as you'd expect.

Important Advice for Those Purchasing Wood Fencing in Boston

So for you as a Greater Boston homeowner, what does all of this mean? For homeowners, it's actually good news. The prices of Boston wood fencing are more or less consistent in the area so as long as you find a good contractor to work with, you can be sure of getting your money's worth out of your wood fence. For a Boston wood fence, cedar is what you want. The hot, humid summers and harsh winters; not to mention the Nor'easters and offshore storms seen here call for durable woods. Cedar's natural oils repel moisture, making the best choice for the sometimes harsh weather of New England.

To keep it looking its best and preventing weather damage, you'll have to treat a cedar fence every five to ten years. However, compared to other woods, cedar fencing is still a great choice.  If not cedar, the next best is pressure treated lumber and if you want to keep that fence for the long run, you should paint it. Also, always check into the track record of any contractor you're considering if you want to make sure they'll build you a fence that will last. While you might have to spend a little time doing the research it's time well spent to get a fence worthy of the City on a Hill.